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Who We Are

Conversion Calls was founded in 2006 and we are headquartered near Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Our specialization is strategic partnerships with institutions of higher education, public and government organizations. In fact, our leadership team has over 50+ years of actual college and university (private and non-profit) experience in various roles from entry level to the executive level. So, we understand the client's perspective and expectations from experience, and we know what it takes to deliver above and beyond the outcomes you envision.


World Class Speed To Contact Strategies


Achieve Revenue Growth Goals


ROI, Efficiency, & Retention


This is our "why"

What We Do

Conversion Calls provides world-class contact center solutions through Operational Excellence. We provide data conversion stats that range from inquiry pre-qualification and warm-transfer services to general customer service, appointment setting, and confirmations. Furthermore, we offer extended hours of customer service, dedicated admissions and enrollment services, client and student success,
and registrar teams for your new and current students and customers.

How We Do It

Contact Center Services keyboard_backspace

• World Class Speed to Contact Calling
• Verifying and Qualifying
• Warm Transfer

Enrollment Serviceskeyboard_backspace

• Prospect Coaching
• Application Assistance
• Enrollment Assistance
• World Class Speed to Contact Calling

Registrar & Student Success Serviceskeyboard_backspace

• Student Registration
• Enrollment Verification
• Course Scheduling
• Student Retention


YOY Enrollment Growth


Speed to Inquiry


Increase conversion Efficiency


Actual Client Experience

Our Clients

Here are some of the institutions and organizations that strategically partner with us:


Cutting Edge Contact Center Features

  • Complete and Custom Integration

    We are flexible, we are fast, and we get the job done right to meet your organizational needs. Our clients utilize various systems and we have the knowledge and experience working with those systems.

  • Overflow Optimization Plans

    Extended Hours, Scalability, those words resonate with you and your organization needs? We have high performing strategic models that can make these needs reality to take your results to the next level.

  • Unprecedented Routing Capabilities

    Reports are designed to reveal what is important to your
    teams. A variety of measureable fields can be displayed.
    Variable date range selection allows the user to pick a date
    range such as last month, month to date and even to enter
    a specific range of dates.

  • Dynamic and Adaptable Scheduling

    We are one team with our strategic partners. Our team is held accountable to your standards, goals, and expectations or higher. That's how we operate and that's how we achieve outstanding results as we are all in this together.

  • Top of the Line Routing Capabilities

    How fast do you want to start reaching out to students or customers? Does under one-minute work for you? Not a problem as we can achieve this in 1.5 seconds! Many clients have attempted to achieve this standard and have come to us to meet this expectation.

  • Increase ROI

    Performance and outcomes matter, and we will ensure that every dollar invested is being fully utilized to maximize results. We want you to continue to grow and be sustainable for the long-term to invest back into your internal and external customers.

  • Individualized Qualification Systems

    Personalized scripting and contact cadence patterns can be customized or recommended. Automatic follow-ups and callbacks can be programmed to ensure all students or customers are contacted. No one is missed, no one is forgotten, and that equals peace of mind that everyone is being serviced in a timely manner.

  • Simplified Reporting

    Full transparency is our mantra. Data stats are accessible 24/7, updated daily, and include 100% recordings. Our Quality Assurance System is completely integrated, which along with the data, enhances strategic decision-making to positively impact outcomes.

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